Exness Adds Trading Opportunities Feature To Its Trader App

Trading Opportunities displays detailed information about a variety of instruments, including the profit or loss they’ve made within a day. All instruments are grouped by type and sorted by the magnitude of intraday rise or drop. The multiple charts are all real-time and ultra-fast. The feature is available on Android and iOs.

Exness has recently added new financial instruments to its offerings, including the popular stocks of Tesla, Amazon, Apple and Netflix. The number of active traders on Exness doubled in 2020 to 143,560, compared to 2019’s figure of 72,721. The broker closed at 315,585,372 orders last year, and handled withdrawals of $593 million and $100 million from clients and partners.

Alexey Olkov, Product Owner at Exness, comments: By adding features like Trading Opportunities, we are giving our clients a better understanding of the market. We are also providing them with the highest quality education there is, keeping them well informed at all times. We will soon add more trading ideas based on users’ and experts’ sentiments, latest trending news, etc.

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